A break in the rain

29 of you turned up this morning depite the wet start to the day. Thankfully the rain stopped just long enough to make conditions perfect! Well done to everyone who ran and special thanks to all the wonderful volunteers who made it possible!

Nice weather for ducks

23 runners turned out to run the course on a rather chilly and damp morning (well it is summer). Fortunately, the torrential downpour passed leaving a slightly more tolerable drizzle in time for the start. Well done to all who ran!
Thanks to Nick, Annabelle, Claire and Grace for your help.

Summer is on it's way.

Twenty-two runners turned out on this lovely sunny but fresh morning. Well done to everyone who ran and thank you to all our supporters your help is much appreciated.

The best of the day!

Forty runners lined up on the start line this morning, including four first-timers, well done to everyone who ran. It certainly looks like we had the best of the day. There were also ten new PBs achieved!
A big thank you to all the volunteers and supporters we couldn't have done it without you!
See you in May.

What a morning!

What a morning to be running! Strong winds and intermittent rain were not the ideal conditions - so well done to all the C2K runners for completing the course this morning. Also big thanks to all the marshals who turned out (much appreciated!).
Results will be a little later this time. Hopefully tomorrow...?

Colliers Wood 9th March

Colliers Wood Canter on 9th March will the graduation for the Couch to 5k runners. Expect loads of runners! Please car-share if you can, due to limited parking spaces.
Please come and support (and marshal, if you can)

60th Canter

Well done to everyone who braved the rather bracing conditions this morning. Very stiff head wind going along the top path!
Thanks to Claire Minoprio for helping with the results also, and Kara and Max for helping with marshalling.

Thanks to our helpers today

Many thanks to Rob Gooch, Chris Chandler and Kara Minoprio for helping with the marshaling today. Thankfully the rain held off.
Next race is October 13th.

Photo added

Photo at the finish added today.

50th Colliers Wood Canter!

When I ran across the grass this morning, and my feet sank into the mud I didn't think we would have many runners today. So well done to the 43 of you who completed the run today.
Special mention must go to the Anthony family. Chris won the race, Lauren was first lady back and Oliver won the 3k! Impressive.
Special thanks to Steve Haskard, Dan and Lewis Gooch, and Gary Taylor's daughter for helping me out on the day.

What a wet one!

Conditions under foot were terrible today - I almost fell over 3 times just marshaling. Congratulations to all runners today for doing it in such bad conditions. The C25k runners certainly earned their certificates today.
Special thanks to Ash and Chris for helping with the marshaling.
The next race is 14th April, and will be the 50th!

next race

The next run is March 10th, and I hope it will be warmer than it was today. Well done to the runners who braved the weather today.
March 10th will also be the graduation run for the latest couch to 5k runners.

Festive run

The next run (9th December) will be our festive run, so please dress up for the run - if you want to! We'll try and make it special - don't know how yet though.

next race

Next race is 14th October. At this run I will be giving away 6 bottles of Nutty Brown (6.1% abv) by the Cat Asylum brewery. Hope to see you then.

Next race

Next race is Saturday 8th July. Hope to see you then!

Just finished before it rained...

Well done to all 35 runners today. Nice and fresh, although the wind made it tougher than usual.
Not many courses that you get swans and herons as by-standers either!
Next race is 10th June

next race

13th May - 9am

Saturday October 12 2019 - Canter 12th Oct

We had 23 runners turn out this morning and a special presentation for Lauren Anthony who won the U20 trophy at the Goose Fair Gallop the previous weekend, well done!
Thanks as always to the volunteers Pam, Josh and Helen W.

Saturday September 14 2019 - What a glorious start to the day.

31 runners (four first-timers) lined up on the start line of what was a fresh but beautiful morning. It was near perfect conditions and six new PBs were achieved. Well done to everyone who ran and a special thank you to all our volunteers.

Saturday August 10 2019 - A break in the rain

29 of you turned up this morning despite the wet start to the day. Thankfully the rain stopped just long enough for us and conditions were just about perfect for running. Well done everyone who ran and thanks to all the wonderful volunteers who made it possible!

Saturday March 10 2018 - What a wet one!

It was almost like a cross country today. Almost fell over 3 times just marshaling. Congratulations to all the runners today, in what were the worst conditions I have seen on the course.
Special thanks to Ash and Chris for helping with the marshaling.
The next race is on the 14th April - it will be our 50th run!

Friday May 12 2017 - Photos

Photo's from April's race now uploaded. Thanks to Caty for being CWC photographer for the day!

Saturday March 11 2017 - Dry...

A new course record today! Bruce Raeside took over a minute off the previous time, finishing in 16.56.
Well done to all the Couch to 5k runners who graduated today - you all did really well.

Saturday February 11 2017 - Cold and slippy

Well done to all who ran today. It was a bit cold and very slippy on the grass.
Special mention to Pam and Hattie Tivey who turned up late but still managed a couple of laps!

Saturday December 10 2016 - Mild weather for a winter run

Positively balmy December day for a run. Well done to all those running slightly the worse for wear after the xmas meal and disco last night. Thanks for Dave Saunders for helping out (and taking pictures).

Saturday November 12 2016 - Thumbs up!

HI everyone. Thanks for turning out (on another wet CWC!). Thumbs up was the theme and thumbs up to Andy Haskard who was looking well.

Saturday October 8 2016 - Another day...

Congratulations to all who ran today. Weather was good for a change, as well.
If you ran today, there is a picture of you on this web-site, courtesy of Daz Dodsley (thanks Daz!).

Saturday September 10 2016 - Today's race was again a bit wet...

It seems that the Colliers Wood Canter has got it's own micro climate. No matter what the weather forecast says, it rains!
Anyway well done to all who ran today.

Friday August 19 2016 - Nice weather!

Nice dry weather for the canter for a change. Well done to Helen Woods who not only won, but created a new female record!

Saturday August 13 2016 - The sun was out!

The Colliers Wood curse (bad weather) stayed away today, thank goodness.
Must praise Helen Woods who ran a female record (again!) today
Pictures to follow

Saturday July 9 2016 - Today's race was a bit wet....

All it needed today was the Ark! All you stars who ran today must have been absolutely soaked to the skin (I know we were). Apologies if your time isn't right but the paper was disintegrating by the time we got home. I think most are right though.

Sunday June 26 2016 - A real name.

Welcome to the new
With this update, if you've registered your email you will get a race report sent to your inbox after each race.

Wednesday June 22 2016 - New features added!

New paper look with 3D cards.
Sort by First / Last / Total Runs on the Runners page.
Each runner has a graph of pace over time on their personal page.

Saturday June 11 2016 - Epic cloudburst before the run!

Didn't think at 8.20 a.m. that anyone would turn up, it was raining so hard. Delighted to have 32 hardy runners turn out on the day. Congratulations to Helen Woods who has set a new women's record for the course - 22.19.

Sunday June 5 2016 - New look website in testing!

Click on the buttons at the top.
Click on peoples names.
Click on race dates.
Email me with any suggestions or comments.

Saturday May 14 2016 - Dry conditions!!!

A couple of big personal bests today - well done John Parker and Sharon Granger who both took over a minute from their previous times, and to Donna Paull who has now set 3 consecutive P.B.'s.

Saturday April 9 2016 - Will the park ever dry out?

Still very muddy, and we had Andy sliding through the finish today. Well done to those who did P.B.'s today, and congratulations to Chris Anthony who got under 20 minutes.